CandleFlame  pray

We deserve success, love and health. So why not create it, while we're making the world a better place?

You can focus your prayers on the areas you want the most change in.

And it is helpful to be as specific as possible in your prayer affirmations. For example, if you have an infection in your leg that has spread to 3 inches in diameter, you might pray at first that the infection is half an inch in diameter (and then when it has shrunk to that size, pray that it is a quarter of an inch, and so on until it is gone entirely). Or if your daughter does not feel loved by you, you can pray that she feels loved by you. Or if your boss doesn't appreciate your work, you can see him or her praising you for a job well done. Or if the only thing between you and the project is access to a bulldozer, than see yourself driving around in a bulldozer. The more specific, the better.